Friday, June 14, 2013

Not so fast!

I haven't heard from my editor yet on my romance that will be coming out soon, so I've been plugging away this week on my next one. It hasn't been going quite as quickly as I'd planned.

Here's the deal. Originally I thought I could write 2,000 words a day. I've discovered that 2,000 words a day might be more difficult than I imagined. During NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - November) I always manage to churn out 1,667 words a day, so I figured this would be no problem. It's just, um, hang on, let me get my calculator out...333 words more. And I always did NaNo while I was working full time. One year I did it with a newborn. So why would I have trouble now, when the only other thing on my agenda is housework and playing games with my 4-year-old? And exercising. And walking down to the water. And taking my daughter to school and picking her up and going to the library and reading and doing laundry and eating dinner and cleaning the kitchen and all of a sudden it's 8 o'clock and I need to get the kids baths and get them to bed. What?

The result is that I've written 7,529 words so far since Sunday, instead of 12,000 words. If tonight and tomorrow I can bang out 2,471 words, then I can end the week with 10k, which is 4k lower than my goal. But maybe more reasonable. Because writing a book is hard work, you guys. Even when you have the whole thing planned out.

On a more positive note, today I jogged 3.06 miles in 29:38! Best time yet!

Also, I have to admit that one of the reasons I'm having a hard time getting into my book this week is that I'm reading The 5th Wave. IT'S AMAZING! You should all read it! I'll write a review once I finish it and have time to process all the action.

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