Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writing, Reading, and Signing

The writing continues. Still slowly. Sometimes I let my worries about the pacing of the novel slow down my progress. Am I lingering too long in this scene? Have I rushed through stuff that should have been important? The thing to remember is that the first draft just needs to be finished. No worries until second draft. For now, just get it all out.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to do a book signing at Poulsbo Book Stop! Poulsbo Book Stop is an adorable used book store run by a former librarian. I was part of a group of authors published by Books To Go Now. My romance novel isn't out yet, of course, but I was able to take a few copies of my first book, Modest Aspirations, which is a collection of my short stories and Gerald Locklin's poetry. And which is now available for sale on the "local author" shelf at Poulsbo Book Stop.

On a nonfiction note, I'm thinking about doing some freelance writing. Obviously my fiction writing isn't going to be bringing in the dollars by the hundreds, so even though I love it and it makes me feel alive, I think I may start using my words in a different way. Writing nonfiction is fun, too, and any time I'm using my keyboard to think I get a charge. So far this idea is just in the baby stages, but I have a good feeling about it!

This week I read Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. If you've never read one by her, this isn't the one I would recommend as your first. The Poisonwood Bible is still my favorite. And if you recently read Prodigal Summer, I would wait a while. They have similar themes - the environment, poverty, farming... Both books have engaging characters, and I liked them both. Just, not so closely together. This one is a fictional account of the Monarch butterflies relocating and changing the path of a family living below the poverty level. Every so often I felt like I was reading Nickel & Dimed (Barbara Ehrenreich) again, which is another thing that tends to happen when I read Barbara Kingsolver. I love that she brings up themes dear to my heart, but occasionally I wonder if she comes on a little strong. But still! It's a great book, and I do recommend it.

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