Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: The Spirit Path

The Spirit Path by Tammy Tate

Nicole is fresh out of a necessary break-up with her boyfriend, Eric. They had plenty of physical chemistry, but not much else. He loves the city life, wearing suits and living in a fancy apartment, while Nicole is a country girl. Her favorite pastime is riding her horse, Buck, across the wide open spaces of Texas.

One day, when Nicole and Buck head out on a ride, accompanied by her Rottweiler Harley, she finds herself tumbling with them into a startling adventure to the past. No romantic adventure would be complete without a man who has the physical chemistry and the sensitivity of her new protector, and Nicole finds herself hoping that this isn’t just a dream, even though this new (or old) reality seems impossible.

This romance is a quick read, and lovers of time travel, American history, horses, dogs, country music, and, of course, sensual pleasure will find themselves lingering over the rich details that Tammy Tate includes in this story. There’s plenty of steam and a bit of mystery in this tale, and at the end I found myself hoping that this is just the beginning.



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