Monday, August 18, 2014

Book Review - Only on Valentine's Day

Short stories are awesome when you're an extremely busy person and you don't have time for complicated plots and lots of characters. A short, sweet romance is a great way to get a nice little break from responsibilities and drift off, and when that romance takes place on Hawai'i, it's even more like a vacation.
Dani Cabral dreams of getting married on Valentine’s Day, and not in the church at nearby Pahala, Hawai’i. She explains to her best friend, Joe, that she wants a city wedding in Kona, and a city boy for a groom. Dani is the oldest of four sisters, and she always thought she would be the first to find love, but city boys are hard to find on a ranch. When her youngest sister announces her engagement, Dani gets desperate and makes a move to the city.

City boys may be plentiful in Kona, but finding one who is as respectful as Joe and the other cowboys she grew up around is not as easy as she imagined. As the days until Valentine’s Day slip away, Dani meets Derek. He’s a banker and a real city boy, and he might just be the one, if only she can get him to propose in time.

This sweet romance was just the right length for a feel-good pick-me-up, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


  1. Mahalo nui loa, Beth, for posting such a fabulous review of my debut novelette! You are awesome.